Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last Glimpses of July 2008

Cooking with Anna (she's on a step stool, by the way!)...

Sam showing his belly (yes, he's still wearing pull-ups)...

Anna at the Santa Ana Zoo...

And at the beach finding shells with Donna...

Sam almost getting grumpy, wanting to beat Anna at this race...

And right before he fell asleep at the fair...

Watching a circus act so intently...

Wearing matching shirts...

Sammy, you're doing it!...

And Anna playing chefs with Tasha.

July, it was fun!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OC Fair 2008

We went to the OC Fair over two days in the last couple of weeks. Ok, so I admit, I like the crowds, the fair food, the ambiance that you can only experience once a year, in the hot, sticky summer. And the kids love the cut-out characters you can pose in.

This year, the kids preferred to enjoy the fair lounging in their deluxe wagon. Steve got a workout, but I believe he'd rather pull a wagon than to carry big Sam.

Sam did like to conduct from the wagon at times, but overall enjoyed the leisurely stroll around the grounds. Look, a two-hump camel!

The kids did step out for a bit to take a close look in the petting zoo.

Wait, is this Anna actually walking instead of riding?...

Oh, Sam fell asleep. Information overload at the fair. Until next summer...

Sunday, July 27, 2008


We went to Legoland Saturday morning, we got there when it opened and could have taken advantage of the short lines for the rides, instead we did a little exploring around Miniland... do you recognize the "landmark" behind us?

If you guessed the pyramids of Egypt, you're incorrect. It's Las Vegas, that was the Luxor, and here is the Mirage hotel.

Castle Hill is a multilevel play structure, the kids (including Steve) enjoyed climbing and racing and exploring.

I'm so proud of Sam climbing the net ladder, this was a huge stretch for him!

We took a stroll around Washington D.C. The wagon, a recent purchase, has been a huge back-saver for Steve.

Some of the displays in Miniland have interactive features, including this race car track, where you can duel with a partner to see which vehicle crosses the finish line first.

Pirate Shores is waterpark within Legoland where you can beat the heat in the play areas.

Steve got some stares as he was the only adult in his swimsuit in Pirate Shores. But he is never one to miss out on the fun with his kids!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tracey and Ryan

Today Tracey and Ryan were married in Laguna Beach in a gorgeous beachside wedding.

Backtracking a little... here is Tracey being walked down the tiki torch lined aisle by her father.

The wedding was held at the Hotel Laguna, a lot of care was taken into the details, from the flower petal walkway to the beautiful flower-and-fern arch. After the vows were exchanged we blew bubbles to celebrate.

After the ceremony, the reception was just steps away in the hotel, here are some coworkers posing for a photo...

And once again on stage. Highlights of the reception included the hugest shrimp I've ever eaten, fun dancing, and chocolate-chip cookies for dessert. Thank you for inviting us Tracey, and congratulations to you and Ryan!

P.S. Thank you for babysitting the kids, Mama and Yumi!

Friday, July 25, 2008


For my mom's birthday we did take-out from the Boiling Crab and bought shrimp and crawfish... yes, it's in the bag. Corn and sausage too. This is a trendy tasty meal that I've posted about before. It's much more enjoyable to eat it at home, messy and noisy! We ordered the "medium" spice and boy, was it hot!

Sam did a semi-pose for this photo.

For my birthday we went to the beach in the morning, Anna took a very nice photo here.

Steve and Anna just love playing in the water.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A couple more...


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What to do at 2 a.m.


Monday, July 21, 2008

4 Short Stories

Story #1: Sammy's favorite toy right now is the magna doodle. Sometimes he'll let Steve or me join in on the fun.

After Sam creates something on the magna doodle he'll say, "I made this for you." The recipient usually gets a few seconds to admire it before it's erased.

Story #2: It is rare that both kids want to pose for a photo at the same time...

But when they do the results are unpredictable.

Story #3: Last Monday after we dropped Sam off at preschool, Steve, Anna and I went to a track to run some timed miles. Steve and Anna did some warm-up laps.

Go Anna go!

Story #4: One afternoon Anna announced, "Today is Snowbear's birthday." We joined in on the fun and hastily made some cupcakes (note Sam is not ready to pose).

We also wrapped some things which we had on hand. After the "party", Anna then proceeded to fill in the kitchen calendar with upcoming birthdays of other stuffed animal friends. I think we have a birthday to celebrate each week until the end of the summer.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vegas 2008, Part 4

Anna and I went to the Palazzo pool later that evening while the boys hung out in the room. It was actually quite windy but that didn't deter us from swimming a little bit.

Here's a photo of the bathroom, note the fresh orchids, and the round scale discreetly tucked under the sink.

The next morning we strolled through the Palazzo and the Venetian. Most of the shops and restaurants were not open at the time, it was a quiet, leisurely when we could check things out.

Anna is hanging on for dear life, "I don't want to go!" Still, vacationing with two kids is a lot of work, two nights was perfect for Steve and me. The end!