Saturday, December 28, 2013

A New Family Member

The weeks and weeks after Michi passed away was very hard on the family. Especially when we'd see a dog, which was pretty much everywhere. Our family knew we would eventually get another dog, but didn't know when. Steve and I looked at a couple of animal shelters, a few months after Michi passed away, just to see what was out there. When we saw Shiloh, we knew. We heard her back story, of her getting back surgery recently for an unknown injury. Being a bit older, possibly 7 or 8, Shiloh had an extensive history that we knew nothing about, and which might have kept her from getting adopted earlier. But we knew that Shiloh was a sweet mellow dog who was kenneled up with some of the more active dogs because she would be the counterbalance. That she was doted on by the workers at the animal shelter. She had a beautiful coat and deep feeling eyes. We knew we wanted to bring her home. After an extensive interview and meeting with the family, we "passed the test", and brought Shiloh home.


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