Friday, July 05, 2013

Japan! Day 7, Part 3 : Lunch, and Visiting Friends

We had a delicious traditional Japanese bento lunch in the museum, Miyuki had arranged for it to be specially delivered.  We then made a necklace in the craft center, carefully sanding down stone to a smooth curved pendant.  Afterwards, we walked to the new elementary school in Ichinohe, where Miyuki works.  It's a beautiful building, designed by Tadao Ando.  We were able to visit a classroom of students, where Anna and Sam introduced themselves.  We even played in the huge gymnasium. To continue our busy day, we went to the kindergarten where Steve worked. We then finally visited with Horiguchi-san, where years ago his three active boys gave us many hours of entertainment. They now live in the Tokyo area and visit during the year such as obon festival season in the late summer.


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