Thursday, July 04, 2013

Japan! Day 6, Part 3 : Kodomo no Mori Park

Kodomo no Mori (Children's Forest) is a magical play area nestled in the mountains of Okunakayama, approximately a 30 minute drive from Ichinohe. Miyuki's family generously rented a mini-van for the day so that everyone could fit in one vehicle to get to this destination, and Hitomi was a very smooth driver! Admission is free to the park. We started our visit with a bang to the gong, and went on the long roller slide. Steve took one for the team, sliding down the damp slide first and everyone else followed. Inside, the kids enjoyed the multi-house structure, the games, and the imaginative play areas. Where else can you "play" at a sushi bar and indoor hot springs? Hitomi and Manami also took the kids across the water on a roped raft. The outdoor grounds were spacious and immaculate, and there was still a lot left unexplored. We had a wonderful afternoon at Kodomo no Mori!


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