Monday, July 01, 2013

Japan! Day 3, Part 2 : Lunch and Shopping in Tokyo

My aunt Kanchan and cousin Minori met us at the hotel mid-morning. They took us out to a tasty ramen lunch. Kanchan also helped me purchase the rail passes which we would use throughout our travels. (My mom knew my itinerary better than me and wanted to make sure I had the help of my aunt for this.) Then we strolled along the streets of Shinjuku and went to various stores, including Tokyu Hands, Uniqlo, and Sou-Sou. A highlight for the kids was Kiddyland in Omotesando, a multi-story toy store with the latest, cutest items. Sam did most of his souvenir shopping here. The kids noted there were vending machines everywhere, and people didn't walk around with their beverages. Minori explained since trash cans are located near the machines, people tended to drink nearby or carry their purchase with them. The streets were very clean in the city, and Anna and Sam chose the large cokes since they were the same price as the regular size. At the end of our outing we caught a taxi back to our hotel, and Sam displayed his new "treasures" on his bed along with his beloved Tiger Bean. What an enjoyable day it was with our expert tour guides, Kanchan and Minori-chan.


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