Sunday, June 30, 2013

Japan! Day 2 : Seeing Relatives at the Century Southern Tower Hotel

We arrived at the Century Southern Tower Hotel in Shinjuku by dinnertime, Anna had a seat in the beautiful lobby while we checked in. Then we were greeted by a nice welcoming party: Uncle Mimichan and his son Maron, Aunt Kanchan, and Minori and her husband Takashi. They visited our hotel room, where a mini paparazzi session ensued. We exchanged some gifts and then parted ways, knowing we would see them again during our trip.

The view from our room was spectacular, we could spot the Takashimaya department store where we eventually headed for dinner at "Pasta Sweets and Seicento". Because of the jetlag we were all in a daze, and being in Japan still seemed so surreal, yet we were able to enjoy the delicious pasta. We all had a restful sleep in our comfortable room that night.


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