Thursday, July 04, 2013

Japan! Day 6, Part 2 : Exploring Ichinohe

Hitomi and Manami and Hana-chan picked us up at the hotel and we visited Ichinohe High School, one of the schools I taught at when I was working in Japan after college. The teachers at the high school level in Japan are regularly transferred from school to school, as principals are here. Yet I was able to meet up with Shirakawa (formerly Sasaki) Sensei, a former coworker of mine. She gave us a tour of the campus, the exterior had a makeover, and there was a new library in the entrance. The gymnasium was as huge and impressive as ever, besides sporting events, ceremonies are held in there as well. Afterwards we went to Jois Shopping Plaza for some more shopping, and a taiko drumming game. We then had a tasty lunch at Hitomi and Manami's home.


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