Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Japan! Day 4, Part 4 : Chinese Dinner and Harbor Cruise

We met up with Mimichan, Maron, and Kanchan in Yokohama Chinatown for a multi-course feast. The restaurant is one my uncle frequents so the owner anticipated the various dishes that were ordered. The grand finale was a huge red snapper that we devoured. Both kids were adventurous in trying most all the dishes. Sam especially liked the soup, and Anna, the fish. Afterwards we took a stroll towards the bay where the Hotel New Grand stands, this is where General MacArthur stayed during the Occupation. We then took a harbor cruise around Yokohama Bay. The views were stunning, and the kids had fun looking out for sea life, including jellyfish and flying carp. It was a full day of sightseeing, it was all so satisfying.


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