Monday, July 01, 2013

Japan! Day 3, Part 3 : Dinner with Misumi

We had dinner plans with my friend Misumi. Misumi is my friend from high school, we had classes together while she was an exchange student, and have kept in touch ever since. I have been fortunate to have met up with her two years in a row! We walked to the Takashimaya department store to eat, the top floor is filled with tasty places. Restaurants in the high-end department stores in Tokyo have consistently great food and choices are usually on a colorful photo display at the entrance to the restaurant floor. We chose to have tonkatsu (pork cutlet), and all of the food was excellent. Sam was especially pleased to choose two toys with his kid's meal. Afterwards we relaxed, catching up with the electronic devices. Note the top photo with the view of the Century Southern Tower Hotel from the outside, the building to the left. Thank you so much Misumi! I know we will meet up again in the future!


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