Thursday, July 04, 2013

Japan! Day 6, Part 1 : Jogging before Breakfast

The sun started streaming through the shoji screen windows of our Ninohe Park Hotel room before 5 a.m. Our plans were to meet up with Manami, Hitomi and Hana-chan mid-morning, but we were feeling restless early on, wanting to explore the outdoors. Steve asked one of the hotel employees where a nice jogging place nearby might be, and he directed us to the main park in Ninohe. What a gem, there was a path along the river, with a play area as well. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel for breakfast. Steve and I spotted the small restaurant where we had a meal the first day we met. The "Coffee & Pizza" place was not in business anymore but the sign was as vivid as ever. The hotel breakfast was delicious, Steve and I had the Japanese style one with fish, rice and soup while Sam and Anna had ham, eggs and toast.


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