Friday, July 05, 2013

Japan! Day 7, Part 1 : Walking to Goshono Jomon Site

We met Manami at the Ichinohe train station, and from there we walked to the Goshono Jomon Museum, an excavation site of many relics from thousands of years ago. On the way we passed Ichinohe Middle School, the exact location where Steve and I first met. It was a nice trek to our destination, a little rainy and overcast but quite an adventure. Miyuki had arranged for us to have a personal tour guide, surprisingly Steve and I recognized him as Nakamura-san, a former acquaintance who had cracked a lot of corny English jokes when we first met years ago. He told us the story of him handling a very large, ancient vase at work recently, which he accidentally damaged. His supervisor chose to fix the vase with some very visible tape. Needless to say the story had us in stitches. Later we saw one of the few "crooked nose masks" that is still left intact.


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