Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Japan! April 25 - Going Home

Yes, this is the last day in Japan... I admit, I had a great time... feeling a little blue perhaps...

Goodbye beautiful view...

Goodbye corner window (I loved this part of the room!)...

Goodbye Shibuya Excel Tokyu, best location in Tokyo!...

Ok, enough of this sad stuff! I feel refreshed, let's go eat...


Got free soup for coming in between 11:00 am and noon!

Why can't they do sushi like this in the states, I love the rice but even better when it's draped over!

Yum, I'm going to miss you.

Bye Mama! Words cannot express it, but we had a GREAT TIME! Have fun extending your stay in Japan!

Yes, reality is here.

Anxious and excited to get home.

Going through all the photos of Japan and writing about the trip allowed me enjoy it all once again.  I can't wait to go back to Japan, Anna and Sam and Steve are excited to visit as well. It's a wonderful country! Thank you for reading my posts and enjoying my trip with me!


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