Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Japan! April 24 Part 7 - Meiji Jingu, Visit with Etchan

The Meiji Shrine is off the Omotesando stop and adjacent to Yoyogi Park, the large area of green we could see from our hotel room. There are large murals lining the way to the shrine, illustrating Emperor Meiji's life. On the trek back to meet up with my mom and her friend Etchan, I passed Yoyogi Stadium.
Etchan is a very good friend of my mom's, they went to school together in Japan. I stayed with Etchan during my high school visit for part of the time, she took me fly-fishing in the northern area of the country and probably helped plant the seed in my mind to eventually teach English in the more rural area of Japan after college. We had a nice visit, her sister baked a cake for us which we enjoyed a piece of before we had dinner together. What a way to end my last full day in Japan. I enjoyed every moment of it.


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