Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Japan! April 24 Part 6 - Omotesando

My last subway stop before walking back to the hotel was Omotesando. Let me just say that the all-day subway pass came in handy this day! By this time, my legs had quite a workout but I had one shop in mind in Omotesando: Kiddyland, a toy store filled with Japanese cuteness. I walked down the main street which had lots of high-end boutiques, it reminded me of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills but more sparkly. I loved the tall glass buildings such as the Dior one that looked so firm yet delicate at the same time. Kiddyland was not on the main street but some very friendly officers showed me the way. Square feet-wise, Kiddyland is not as spacious as perhaps a Toys-R-Us here but it is multi-story and the Japanese stuffed animals and toys are more compact and... cute. If Anna and Sam came to this store, they would love it but it would be very hard for them to just walk out with one or two items.


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