Sunday, April 22, 2012

Japan! April 22 Part 3 - Around Mashiko

Later on in the day, we went into town and looked in Starnet, a shop which has locally made crafts and other goods. I bought some handmade chopsticks there. We also went to Tsuchikukan, where Kinta's items fill the gallery, including his doors, tables, chairs, and sculptures. I was impressed by a specific wooden table that had a circular inlay in the middle. Kinta is very jovial with a great sense of humor, and entertained us while explaining his work. Kinta really puts so much time and thought into each piece. We then walked along the main street of shops in Mashiko, and looked at many pottery shops and bought a few items, the rain did not deter us. We had a wonderful time in the town of Mashiko.


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