Thursday, April 19, 2012

Japan! April 19 Part 3 - Exploring Kyoto

After lunch in Gion and a walk through Maruyama Park, my mom and I parted ways to do some exploring of Kyoto individually. With a map and an unlimited bus/subway pass in hand, I headed off. From the Yasaka Shrine I made a wrong turn and came across the Otani Mausoleum. It was empty, quiet... yet vast and filled with thousands of grave markers. It was fascinating to see the use of space on this steep hillside, with these stones extremely close to one another... I eventually found a bus stop and headed off to Ginkakuji Temple. Built in the 15th century, Ginkakuji is a wonderful example of Japanese architecture and landscaping. I especially enjoyed the view from above, with the temple nestled among the various trees, the contrasting city buildings in the background. The Philosopher's Path immediately outside of the temple area was decorated with cherry blossoms.


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