Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Japan! April 17 Part 2 - Kyoto Station, Hotel Granvia

There are various ways to enter the Hotel Granvia, which is basically part of Kyoto Station itself, and once we became accustomed to our surroundings we realized it is the most conveniently located hotel in this city. Still, it was a shock to the system coming from a town like Takayama to a much larger city such as this, with lots of people going here and there, commuting to their destinations. The Kyoto Station is dramatic, with an open air grid design above, incorporating many shops and restaurants below. Since my mom and I arrived in Kyoto before the Hotel Granvia check-in time, we dropped off our luggage there and enjoyed a tonkatsu lunch at Katsukura - delicious! My mom had eaten here a few years back when she traveled with Mari, Rob and Huay. After a walk around the hotel area (which I will blog about next) we checked into our hotel, super plush with a nice view. We had dinner at Jun Coffee Shop before returning on the lighted walkway back to Granvia.


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