Sunday, April 15, 2012

Japan! April 15 Part 1 - Strolling and Snacking Through Takayama

Early Sunday morning my mom and I went for a stroll, through the daily Asaichi morning market, and Old Town Takayama to see the daytime festival. We enjoyed snacking on mitarashi dango (rice dumplings seasoned with soy), korokke (potato cake with beef) and lightly seared beef sushi. It was also fun walking through town and looking through various shops and stands at the local goods, such as woodwork and food items. (I know Anna and Sam would love the do-it-yourself-flavors snowcone stand!)  The river and large beige tori gate served as landmarks to guide us to our destinations and eventually back to my aunt and uncle's house for a ramen lunch, yum!


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