Monday, April 16, 2012

Japan! April 16 Part 4 - Onsen and Dinner

This was our last full day in Takayama, and this town definitely left an impression on me. I took the most daily photos here than any other destination in Japan. In many ways Takayama reminded me of the countryside town of Ichinohe where I worked after college. After visiting Hida no Sato, Kanchan drove to a spot to pick some cooking greens, she scampered up a steep hill like an expert, while Mama visited with a new boyfriend. ;) Afterwards we went to the Hotel Associa Takayama Resort for their onsen (hot springs bath). It is the most scenic and upscale onsen I have ever been to. We were lucky that women had the use of the top floor onsen the day we visited. There were several different baths but the infinity panoramic pool was the best. No one else was there (thus the photos) so we were living the high life. Feeling recharged and refreshed, Uncle Koichi and Aunt Kanchan treated us to a delicious dinner that evening. What a way to top off our first major stop in Japan!


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