Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Japan! April 18 Part 4 - Probably the Most Food I've Eaten in a Day

I have been looking forward to doing this post. The day for our Nara excursion started off with the excellent breakfast at the Kyoto Granvia Hotel. Two visits to the buffet included salmon, pastries, corn potage and mixed fruit, as well as curry rice, mixed vegetables, potato salad, sausage, and a poached egg. (The coffee was freshly ground, yum.)  For lunch I ate two of these large sushi wrapped in wasabi leaves which my mom and I purchased at the entrance of Todaiji. I stood while I ate, to ward off the deer. Since lunch was so light (in my mind), my mom and I had a snack at a cafe in Nara, where I had a large bowl of spaghetti with meat sauce and zucchini. (How could I pass up the Y650 special?) The day ended with a "nama" beer, katsu don and curry udon. The waitress offered extra udon noodles at no extra charge, and again, how could I refuse? Vacation does that to me, it works up my appetite!  Honestly, I myself am in disbelief at how much food I consumed in one day. 

Notes: My mom had a light dessert at the cafe and a small dinner.
What I ate for breakfast this day is much more that what I usually eat in an entire (work) day. Weekends and summer do not count.


At 10:32 AM, Blogger marirob said...

weekends and summers do not count - tee hee!


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