Thursday, April 19, 2012

Japan! April 19 Part 1 - Eating in Kyoto

When we booked the Hotel Granvia Kyoto, we chose the room/breakfast package. This included the choice of the buffet or a traditional Japanese breakfast. On our second morning in Kyoto, we chose the latter, which was served in Ukihashi Restaurant. The setting was quiet and serene, with servers dressed in kimonos. Still, it didn't stop us from snapping photos of our meal. The presentation was very pretty, I ordered the grilled salmon with Japanese omelet. Later, I had a mid-morning snack of green tea/vanilla soft serve ice cream. We ate lunch in Gion at Nishizaka Restaurant, and dinner was at a casual coffee shop in the station. I picked up a late night snack at 551 Horai, there was always a long line at this establishment whenever we passed by which made me very curious about their food. These pork buns were savory and delicious.


At 10:32 AM, Blogger marirob said...

so much food! i am so jealous!


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