Saturday, April 21, 2012

Japan! April 21 Part 4 - Katsu Midori

I felt like Katsu Midori deserved its own blog entry. My mom had done some research online and found out about this popular kaiten (revolving bar) sushi restaurant in Shibuya, within walking distance of our hotel. Once we arrived and saw the people waiting outside for a seat inside, we knew it was going to be tasty. We started taking plates from the bar, and I was impressed by how fresh the fish was, and the fish-to-rice ratio. Everything was delicious, and reasonable, the least expensive plate was 105Y (appr. $1.20). After looking at what the other customers were eating, we realized many people were mainly placing special orders. We did the same, including for the salmon. The main sushi chef was extremely boisterous and entertaining, yelling "Irrashai, irrashai!" (Welcome, welcome!) every time a new customer walked in. It was a super savory and fun time, the nighttime view from our hotel room topped it off.


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