Friday, April 20, 2012

Japan! April 20 Part 2 - Bread and Bath

It was raining, then pouring in Hakone. We looked into eateries that were within walking distance of our hotel. We discovered Watanabe Bakery, famous for their "stew bread", a light, crispy hollowed-out roll filled with beef stew. Later, with a hotel umbrella in hand I went out for a hike. I came across Dogashima Promenade, a steep zig-zag path that goes for about a mile before leading to a bridge into the mountains. The surrounding hot springs created smoke here and there along the path that added even more adventure to the hike. Back at the hotel room, my mom and I enjoyed more baked goods for dinner, and a hot springs bath.  The mineral content in the water really made a difference, I felt more clean and refreshed. Wearing the yukata added to the relaxing evening.


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