Friday, April 20, 2012

Japan! April 20 Part 1 - Arriving in Hakone

The next morning we said goodbye to Kyoto and took a shinkansen (bullet train) towards our next destination, Hakone. We shared a beautifully packed box lunch of sushi, each morsel individually wrapped in leaves. Hakone is known as a getaway destination famous for hot springs in a tranquil lush setting, away from the city. My mom had known about the Fujiya Hotel, a historic place where dignitaries and famous people have stayed, including John Lennon and Albert Einstein! It is a unique, quirky place with a mix of Japanese and Western architecture. Our room was huge, high ceilings, extra long twin beds. We benefited from the Fujiya Hotel's "Hospitality Plan" for foreigners, celebrating 133 years of service.


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