Sunday, April 22, 2012

Japan! April 22 Part 1 - Miyuki and Kinta's Home

The next morning, Aunt Kanchan, Uncle Mimichan and his son Maron picked us up at our hotel and we drove to Mashiko, the town where my cousin Miyuki, her husband Kinta and their kids reside. Less than a two hour drive from Tokyo, Mashiko is known for its various crafts, particularly its pottery. Kinta and Miyuki are both artists, Kinta has many artistic talents, he makes ceramics and does woodwork and creates mixed media sculpture. Miyuki also makes pottery, and wonderfully detailed hand-dyed textiles. Their house, which Kinta built, is a spacious living space inside and out. I really loved the overhead bridge walkway, Hiyori and Souichi's double-decker play area, and beautiful woodwork throughout.


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