Sunday, April 22, 2012

Japan! April 22 Part 2 - Family Time

I had seen Uncle Mimichan and Aunt Kanchan when they had traveled to the United States on separate occasions, I had not seen my cousin Miyuki-chan since I was in high school. So, seeing her and meeting her husband and kids for the first time, as well as meeting Mimichan's son Maron, was such a treat. In the first photo, Uncle Mimichan is standing, his son Maron is seated in my mom's lap. My cousin Miyuki is sitting on the ground, laughing at my strange pose. Her daughter Hiyori is to my right, son Souichi is to my left, and the kids' playmates are in the photo as well. Miyuki served us an enormous meal, she makes delicious gyoza! The plates she served the food on, the table Kinta made that we ate from, added so much enjoyment to the meal. Kinta is often meeting with clients and other artists at their home, such as this day, and Miyuki is the perfect hostess. I played quite a bit with Hiyori, I started missing Anna and Sam and Steve even more. Still, it was such a very special time, being with family in Japan.

Beautiful cherry blossom trees lined the back of Kinta's workshop on their property. The ceramics and wood pieces were displayed nicely. We brought some of Kinta and Miyuki's pieces home. It was really such a magical place, to be surrounded by so many pretty things in a peaceful setting.


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