Monday, April 23, 2012

Japan! April 23 Part 2 - Scorpione Stazione

When it came to food during this trip, my mom and I were pretty much in sync. Sometimes she'd research a place online, sometimes we'd be walking in an area and look at the menus posted outside a restaurant and pick a place together. We'd end up really enjoying the meal. This rainy day, we looked in a few places and wanted something quiet and relaxing. We picked a restaurant right outside the stores of Muji and Loft, Scorpione Stazione. Outside it was pretty unassuming but inside was spacious, high ceilings, pretty lighting, very chic. I would call the food Italian with a Japanese flair. I had the shrimp and uni pasta, my mom had the swordfish. Again, it was delicious, the service was great, a nice getaway from the rain outside.


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