Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Japan! April 24 Part 2 - Sumida River

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and it is also designated as a special type of prefecture ("Tokyo-to"), and within it are districts (comparable to a county) and wards. For reference, each of the districts and wards I planned on going to were within Tokyo, and represented a subway or train stop. First off, I took the Ginza Line subway all the way from Shibuya to the district of Asakusa. I took a walk along the Sumida River and three things stood out to me, first the Komagata Bridge, with its beautiful shape and striking blue color. Next, the Tokyo Skytree which had been playing on the news and various TV shows in Japan in anticipation of its grand opening. (The Tokyo Skytree is currently the tallest tower in the world, can you spot it amidst the clouds?) Finally, who could miss the flame atop the Asahi Beer Hall? It was designed by Phillipe Starck.


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