Monday, April 23, 2012

Japan! April 23 Part 3 - Dinner with Misumi

I met with my friend Misumi for dinner. Misumi and I first met in high school, when she was an exchange student. We kept in touch over all these years, through letters and cards, and now email. She had visited the states even after high school, it had been several years since I had seen her. We met in the lobby after her work, she was very elegant and sweet as always. We had Chinese food at Sail O's, and drinks at Bikini Tapa (unique name, classy tapas restaurant), which serves "modern Catalan cuisine". It was great catching up with Misumi, her English is excellent. She told me that a year ago, Shibuya Station, with these eateries and shops, was very quiet, the lights were out, energy and food and supplies were conserved after the earthquake and tsunamis. Now, as she stated it, it is as if nothing ever happened, and to her it is still a bit unsettling, understandably. I'm sure for many of the Japanese it will continue to be difficult to ever get over the tragedy, still, the nation is known for its resilience and determination. I just really admire that about Japan.


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