Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Japan! Day 11, Part 4 : Refreshment Story

The price of food and refreshments at DisneySea is very reasonable. Yet the large drink size is probably comparable to a small here, and with the humidity, we had a lot of beverages (and snacks) at the park. We assumed there would be a handy ATM machine for all the snack stands which took yen only, yet the only foreign ATM accommodated the Bank of China (where a lot of tourists were from), so we quickly went down to our last coins... This was a bit torturous when we hit the popcorn stands, various flavors such as sea salt, caramel, curry... when Sam smelled the curry popcorn, Steve and I scraped up the last of our yen to buy a box for Sam (300 yen = appr. $3.00). The cashier smiled when he handed back Steve 1 yen as his change. We did savor that snack... until we went into a restaurant later on for a snack of cake and drinks, for there, they did take credit cards.


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