Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kula Sushi

I'm usually so much better at blogging at a regular basis... I'll be predating this to accommodate all my postings, but it's actually August 20 today, and we had the following meal at the beginning of July, so I'm a month and a half behind... we've been busy this summer, lots of local day trips, organizing at home... still, it's no excuse! I'll do a better job of keeping up, especially since we have about two weeks of summer left.

We went to Kula Sushi, a revolving sushi bar, early in the summer, after our road trip. It was Anna's second time to a sushi bar, and Sam's first. Besides sushi, they also serve side dishes and desserts such as crispy chicken and mochi ice cream. It was fun for the kids to grab the dishes from the revolving bar!


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