Friday, January 07, 2011

New Year's Day

Sam was so excited about his Pokemon-themed birthday party. He was happy to celebrate it with the family.

We found a Pokemon tablecloth and party decorations at Party City. I made cupcakes using this recipe. Usually Sam just eats the frosting off cupcakes, this time he ate some of the cake! (Thank you for the presents, from family up north, and down here!)

Yumi made some brownies too. Sam was happy to blow the candles.

We also went to my parents' house for my mom's traditional Japanese New Year's meal.

She made more than a dozen dishes...

My favorite is the ozoni. I think I ate 6-7 mochi. Look at the steam rising from the soup, I can almost taste it again...

Photogenic Julia came over for some bear chair time...

And flying time.

Mari and Rob were hooked on Wii Dance. Looks like they're scoring some big points here!

Happy Birthday Sam!
Happy New Year!


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