Thursday, February 07, 2013

Spartan Temecula

An 8+ mile muddy hilly obstacle course... climbing, lifting, pulling, balancing, leaping over fire. That's what Steve and I signed up for, and completed, the Spartan Race! It was truly the most challenging "race" I've ever done, and it took 3 hours and 25 minutes to complete. I really held Steve back as he hoisted me over several walls, and I had bruises and scrapes that lasted for more than a week afterwards. Here are some of the obstacles from the race:
- Barbed wire crawl
- Wall climb, 6 ft. and higher
- Carrying sandbags
- Filling and carrying a large bucket (home depot type) of sand
- Slippery wall with rope climb
- Placing a thick band around the ankles and walking through a maze
- Stepping and balancing on poles
- Big rig tire flip
- Cinder block pull
- Mud hills and pits
- Leaping across fire and dodging warriors


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