Thursday, September 20, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavour

Moments before I saw the Space Shuttle Endeavour flying overhead, I was feeling overwhelmed at work, on my second day at a new school, a couple weeks into the school year. I had a room filled with a class of 34 kids, in a 4/5 combo, teaching curriculum I had never read before. When we got the announcement over the intercom that the space shuttle would soon be near, our class rushed out. We didn't see anything overhead and thought we missed it. But we didn't, and we saw the enormous Endeavor riding piggy-back atop an even larger aircraft. For me, what was even more magical than the sight in the sky was hearing the cheers of the children and watching them run and wave and chase the shuttle as if they could catch up to it. It was wonderful, enjoying this historic moment with my new class of kids, at my new school.

* This photo was taken by a principal at a neighboring school.


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