Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Beach

This summer has been all about the beach. We usually went to the beach about once or twice a week. At first, the beach was about dipping our toes in the water, usually with the kids clinging to dad. Collecting sea shells, digging for sand crabs and then releasing them. Then, the more beaches we'd visit, we'd get to know the differences, smoother or coarser sand, larger or calmer waves, distance from the parking lot to the shore... all of these factors made a difference but each time we'd have so much fun. The last visit to the beach included much more confidence in the water, and lots of boogie-boarding. The beaches we visited this summer included Huntington, Bolsa Chica, Newport, Balboa, and Crystal Cove. Here are some notes about each beach:

Huntington: Closest to where we live, lots of shells and sand crabs, huge waves
Bolsa Chica: Least crowded, closest to parking using our pass
Newport: Best for boogie boarding, smooth sand, go early for low tide
Balboa: Popular with families, close metered parking, dip in smooth sand
Crystal Cove: Great for jogging, walk to Shake Shack

Note: These photos were taken at Huntington Beach


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