Thursday, July 05, 2012

Road Trip! Day 1 Part 1 - Heading to Sacramento

When Anna told us a friend from her track club was headed to Oregon to see the Track and Field Olympic Trials, we thought that sounded fun, and decided on a whim to see if there were any last-minute tickets left for purchase, not through a 2nd party or anything pricey, just something directly through the organizers. Surprisingly, there were some seats left, so we purchased the tickets online, and headed up north a couple days later towards Eugene, Oregon. Our first stop was a good halfway point, Sacramento for two nights. It was the most ambitious road trip for us with kids to date. They did well in the car, with music and electronic devices to keep them occupied. On the way we saw a Ghirardelli sign and stopped for some delicious sundaes. Too bad it wasn't wintertime or we would have stocked up on some chocolates and stored them in the car! We arrived at the Embassy Suites mid-afternoon. We had a spacious room with an awesome view of the Tower Bridge. We took a dip in the indoor pool before heading out on the town.


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