Monday, December 26, 2011

"Oh Christmas Tree(s)..."

Believe it or not, these mini-trees have something to do with our bathroom remodels... I realized how accommodating the family was to my choosy ways in terms of picking out tile, fixtures, etc. and asking them for their opinion over and over again, when the process could have been a little more time-efficient. So when it came time to picking out a Christmas tree, I had flashbacks of the kids looking at each tree that I would have Steve drag out from several stacks, and hold up, one after another, for our perusal. It would be at least a 30 minute process each year. So this year, once we arrived at Lowe's tree lot, I told the kids that they could pick out any tree, and I would not interfere. They looked at me with disbelief, and went off... and within a minute, they spotted a miniature tree and said they wanted it. I said repeatedly, are you sure? Are you sure? They said, "Yes, it's so cute."
Well, ok... so let's make it unique and get another tree, one for each of you. So, there you go.


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