Thursday, December 01, 2011

Black Friday

I have never gone shopping on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. The stories of crowds and chaos always intimidated me. I remember Steve going shopping on Black Friday years ago, before Sam was born I think, he bought some electronics at Best Buy but had to wake up super early to line up. Perhaps he didn't even go to sleep that night and just went out at midnight. At any case, Yumi and my mom have made it a tradition to go shopping on Black Friday, in a more leisurely, civilized way, with breakfast in the morning and hitting specific shops along the way. Anna even went last year and had a lot of fun. She convinced me to go and it wasn't until the 11th hour that I confirmed. Well, I had nothing to fear, we went out to breakfast at Ruby's in Crystal Court, no crowds there. Then we went to Claire's where Anna found some super deals on accessories for her friends. My mom and Yumi hit some clothing stores, I bought some pancake mix and jam at Macy's. The biggest score for me was my $20 H&M winter jacket. Afterward we went to Kula Sushi, I had the biggest stack, yes! I think this might become the girls' tradition, me included.


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