Thursday, September 01, 2011

Yosemite Part 2: Day 2, Jog to Yosemite Falls

Right outside each tent cabin is a metal locker in which to store food items and anything that contains a scent that might attract... bears. Items of such nature need to be taken out of the cars and locked up. When we checked into Curry Village at the registration office, there was a video playing of a bear breaking into a car to grab some vittles. We really made sure to keep all those scented essentials in the locker.

We grabbed some coffee and pastries at the Coffee Corner in the morning, and the kids had hot chocolate (and cereal which we had brought up) before heading out for a jog to Yosemite Falls. Steve had packed the jogger stroller for Sam. There is also a free shuttle that can take you to these hiking destinations around the valley. This was the most scenic jog I have ever taken in my life, and the asphalt road was a great running surface.

It was about a two mile jog before we reached the path that would eventually lead us to Yosemite Falls. The pictures don't do it justice but it was a spectacular waterfall. In the spring the waterfall is stronger with a mist all about which makes it more dramatic but we had a great view for this time of the year.


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