Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adventures in California

Last week we met up with our friends the Guglers of KC and the Wagners from Northern California. (We had to postpone our visit for a couple of days since Sam suffered from mild heat stroke at school.) The vacationers experienced 90 degree weather which fortunately cooled down considerably by the end of the week. It sounds like the Guglers and Wagners had a fabulous time park hopping over several days.

Interesting back story, Todd (Steve's cousin, 3rd from back left) and Cindy (back left) met at our wedding, and the rest is history. Cindy and Steve's families are friends and go way back.

During our time together, Steve and Anna went on the Tower of Terror (I have no shame in saying I'll never go on it). Crazy!

Todd took this great photo during our dinner. It was so fun seeing you all!


At 6:57 AM, Blogger marirob said...

i went on tower of terror once - it's an experience i don't need to repeat!


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