Thursday, October 05, 2006

Star of the Week (and Art Wall)

Anna is the Star of the Week in her class. Maybe they're going alphabetical order by first name, she sure is a star in our book! We made a poster with some special photos...

Anna and I went through iPhoto and found some cute pictures for this project. By the way her favorite animal is a horse... favorite place is Disneyland... favorite foods are strawberries and onion rings (she wanted photos to correspond with her favorites, we only had an onion ring one) and her favorite book is the Bible.

This is the new art wall in the kitchen, we painted a green rectangle on the white wall and attached metal bars from which we can hang Anna's magnificent drawings with equally colorful magnets (from IKEA). Sooner than later Sammy will have some pictures up there too!


At 3:01 PM, Anonymous yumi said...

Congratulations to Anna!!! I bet she was thrilled. And I'd love to see her collage of pictures. They look good.


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